2020 NIDC Customer Survey

The 2020 NIDC Customer Survey is now available to download in PDF format.

After downloading, save your information and email the completed PDF back to contact@isotopes.gov.

The mission of the U.S. Department of Energy Isotope Program (DOE IP) within the Office of Nuclear Physics of the Department of Energy's Office of Science is to develop, produce, and distribute stable and radioactive isotope products that are in short supply and of critical importance to the nation. The DOE IP manages the National Isotope Development Center (NIDC), which coordinates isotope production across Department of Energy facilities and selected non-federal facilities as well. The NIDC, on behalf of the DOE IP, seeks information from the community on anticipated needs of isotope products and potential or anticipated supply shortages in the next five years. Information collected in this annual survey will provide a better understanding of the demand for isotopes used in research or commercial applications.

Customers should identify isotopes that are needed, have supply issues, or that they expect to see an increase in demand that cannot be met by the current supply. The DOE IP, working with the NIDC, will use this information to strategically plan the future production of isotopes including, gaging future demand, optimizing production plans, and evaluating and investing in isotope fabrication and technology development.

The NIDC is requesting that companies complete and submit the attached survey form by January 31, 2020. If a specific isotope is not identified or requested, it may not be considered for production or production development by the DOE IP during the next five years. All information submitted is considered highly business-sensitive and will not be shared or discussed outside the DOE IP and NIDC.

Excluded from this request are helium-3 and molybdenum-99.

Thank you for your time and effort.

For questions contact:
Karen Sikes
Associate Director for Production Planning and Market Research, NIDC sikeskg@ornl.gov
Phone: (865) 574-8404


PLEASE NOTE that this survey should only be completed by the private industry and non-federal organizations only, and NOT by federal agencies, national laboratories, and DOE network universities whose future isotope needs are already captured in the DOE IP's biannual Federal Isotope Survey.