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July 2017:
Temporary Assignment Opportunity in the DOE Isotope Program - Headquarters (Germantown, MD)

The Office of Nuclear Physics is seeking a scientist/engineer interested in assisting the DOE Isotope Program. We are seeking a candidate from a federal agency, university or national laboratory for a temporary period lasting six months to a few years on a detailee or Intergovernmental Personnel Act assignment. The benefit would not just be to our Office, but also to the individual. They will obtain a federal perspective of the DOE Isotope Program, which cannot be gained any other way and could be extremely beneficial to career development. We are interested in a variety of skill types and levels of experience.

The assignment involves providing scientific and technical expertise to the Isotope Program. This will entail supporting management in the identification of needed isotopes for the Nation, developing isotope production techniques, and assessing both ongoing projects and new R&D projects. Long-term career opportunities are expected within the Isotope Program in the future. This temporary assignment is also an excellent means for a scientist/engineer to gauge their interest in longer-term opportunities.

Individuals interested in this opportunity should contact Dr. Jehanne Gillo at Jehanne.Gillo@science.doe.gov.

Training Courses

Radiochemistry course listing from the Radiochemistry Society

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